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At Éclat Chocolate, we craft chocolate bars that will truly impress. Our bars make the perfect gift for anyone and any occasion. With various flavors and textures that work well together, our chocolate bars are a decadence experience. At Éclat Chocolate, we aim to make your chocolate bar decision the best you’ll ever make with our fine selection of rich, bold, and sophisticated choices. 

Chocolate Bar Selections for Everyone

Experience a unique, smooth, and intense adventure when you bite into one of our signature chocolate bars. Made with our Award Winning chocolate, our bars are made on-premises and ready to be devoured:

The International Crane Foundation Bar

This premium 72% cacao chocolate bar is made with complex notes of orange, fennel, and Himalayan sea salt for a rich and distinctive flavor. Partnering with the non-profit International Crane Foundation, each purchase supports cranes across the globe. 

Parallel Bars

Allspice and sesame seed, coffee and cardamom, zuta and orange, our innovative Parallel Bars are inspired by the symbiotic relationships in nature. Each bar aims to take you and your taste buds on an ever-changing chocolate journey. Experience each classic combination today.

Destination Bar

Our Destination Bars are globetrotters and ready to take your tastebuds on a trip around the globe. When you bite into one of the best gourmet chocolate bars we have to offer, your mouth will be filled with a blend of fresh ingredients, unique experiences, and renowned flavors. Inspired by Éclat’s Master Chocolatier, Christopher Curtin, and his travels, these bars intend to awaken unique flavors from your past and give you dreams of the future. 

Organic Bar

If you’re searching for simple, sustainable, and honest ingredients, our Organic Bars are for you. Our dark and milk chocolate organic bars maintain the original, pure flavors of cacao by using artisanal techniques that are based on the craft of traditional chocolate making.

First Harvest

This gluten-free and vegan delight is made with hand-selected Peruvian Pure Nacional Beans. Our First Harvest Bar is made with the top 5% of one of the rarest, harvested, and most prized cacao crops in the world. Experience the marriage of purity and smoothness when you bite into this decadent and raw chocolate bar. A percentage of proceeds from sales go directly back to the farm to help maintain the Peruvian Rice Hull Stove Project. 

Spice Bars

Our very own Chocolate Master, Christopher Curtin, and La Boîte Spice Master, Lior Lev Sercarz, have joined forces and crafted 3 exclusive chocolate bars known as our Spice Bars. Combining Christopher’s mastery in chocolate and Lior’s expertise in the art of spice blending, the two came together to create this sweet-meets-savory line of spiced chocolate bars. Delight your senses today when you try the exciting fusion of flavors each bar has to offer. 

Interested in learning more about Éclat Chocolate?

Christopher Curtin, Master Chocolatier, and creator of Éclat Chocolate began his journey nearly two decades ago. Traveling to the finest chocolate houses in Belgium, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Japan, he learned the greatest secrets and techniques that make eating chocolate a unique experience that you won’t soon forget. He brings his extraordinary skills to Éclat Chocolate so everyone that walks through his doors can experience his art. Not only selling the best gourmet chocolate bars, but Éclat Chocolate is also known for its caramels, truffles, mendiants, mondiants, caramel sauce, and so much more. If you’re ready to take your tastebuds on a trip, stop by the factory store, shop online, or schedule a virtual tasting today and experience everything Éclat Chocolate has to offer!