Eclat Chocolate Peruvian Truffle

Peruvian Pure Nacional Truffle

The world’s rarest, harvested chocolate made from 100% Pure Nacional chocolate. This rich dark ganache made from chocolate of ancient origins offers the palate fruity and floral flavors with mild nutty undertones.

Eclat Chocolate Shiraz Ball


A dark chocolate shell filled with a creamy milk chocolate ganache infused with Boxer Shiraz from Australia’s Mollydooker Winery.

Eclat Chocolate Beer Ball


Milk chocolate ganache infused with Victory Brewing Company’s Hop Devil beer and garnished with gold flecks.

Eclat Chocolate


One of our most popular varieties, 73% is the culmination of three single origin chocolates, which are blended to create a decadent flavor profile. Cocoa bean accents enhance the texture.

Eclat Chocolate Aleppo

Aleppo Chile Truffle

Single origin chocolate infused with Aleppo Chile yields a chocolate with hints of fruit, mild cumin undertones, and very subtle heat. One of our customers’ favorite ‘fill the box’ selections.

Eclat Chocolate Balinese

Balinese Long Pepper

A smooth dark chocolate ganache infused with Balinese long peppers, traditionally used in cooking in Bali. Smoky, earthy flavor profile.

Eclat Chocolate Sichuan Pepper

Sichuan Pepper

Chinese pepper from the Sichuan area, similar to pink peppercorn with a hint of floral.

Eclat Chocolate Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit

Made with fresh passion fruit puree.

Eclat Chocolate Lavender


Fresh lavender flowers are infused for 24 hours to extract only the lighter perfume oils and then blended with three single origin chocolates at 65% cocoa mass each.

Eclat Chocolate Moroccan Bite

Casablanca – Moroccan Mint

Fresh Moroccan mint infused with 65% chocolate ganache.

Eclat Chocolate Pave

Pave de Tour

Crushed hazelnut folded in a single origin milk chocolate.

Eclat Chocolate Single Malt

Single Malt

Made with our favorite single malt whisky from Islay, these truffles have a subtle peaty flavor and rich, full-bodied whisky ganache that is complemented by the stark flavor of cocoa powder.

Eclat Chocolate Star Anise

Star Anise

Pernod, or absinthe, with a light licorice flavor, is infused into these truffles, making them a favorite for fans of the green fairy.

Eclat Chocolate Vanilla Truffle


White chocolate ganache with whole Tahitian vanilla bean.

Eclat Chocolate Calvados

Calvados Caramel

A sister to Éclat’s award-winning caramels, the Calvados features a soft and creamy apple-flavored caramel surrounded by dark couverture.

Eclat Chocolate Dark Caramel

Dark Caramel

Light and smooth caramel with hints of Tahitian vanilla, covered in a dark couverture chocolate and accented with Fleur de Sel.

Eclat Chocolate Milk Caramel

Milk Caramel

One of the stars recognized in Vogue’s ‘World’s Best Caramels’, this light and creamy caramel is enhanced with Tahitian Vanilla bean, accented with Fleur de Sel, and enrobed in milk chocolate.

Eclat Chocolate Pearl Caramel

Pear Caramel

Another of our award-winning caramels, Pear Caramels feature a pear puree in the caramel and is covered with a nicely balanced milk chocolate.

Ginger Caramel

The caramel is infused with freshly grated ginger to give it a refreshingly warm flavor, which is accented by the red Hawaiian sea salt on top of the dark couverture chocolate.