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Product Collaboration

Always trying to think outside of the box, Éclat Chocolate continues to search for inspiring chefs, artisans, artists, and interesting personalities to create new flavors and experiences. Some of our recent collaborations include:

Good and Evil

The bar behind the most viral discussion of chocolate in history

Éclat Master Chocolatier Christopher Curtin teamed with Chef Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin and culinary maverick Anthony Bourdain to create the Good & Evil Chocolate Bar. Fashioned from personally-selected, hand-picked pods of Peruvian Pure Nacional, a prized strain of cocoa thought to have been wiped out nearly 100 years ago, the Good & Evil Bar set off a conversation about chocolate that quickly went viral.

Jose Garces Bars

Inspired by the savory side of the kitchen

Iron Chef Jose Garces collaborated with Éclat to explore the savory marriage of Latin cuisine and chocolate. The creative efforts of Chefs Garces and Curtin have given rise to a line of chocolate bars that set the imagination on fire – with smoldering hints of porcini mushrooms, thyme, and more.

La Boîte/Éclat

Hot Chocolate & more

Chef Christopher Curtin and Spice Master Lior Lev Sercarz of New York’s La Boîte have created a unique line of spice-infused hot chocolates and chocolate bars. Chef Sercarz has worked with some of the world’s finest chefs, including renowned spice master Olivier Roellinger, and his passion for spices and the stories they tell finds perfect expression paired with the chocolates of Éclat.

Victory Brewing Company

Éclat Cocoa Lager and the HopDevil Beer Truffle

Éclat teamed once again with the brew masters at Victory Brewing Company. Using fresh-picked, full flower hops that are harvested only once a year, Chef Christopher Curtin produced a second flight of Victory HopDevil Truffles. Additionally, he presented Victory with a bag of hand-selected Peruvian Pure Nacional cocoa nibs. Victory then brewed the first beer ever to be made with this rarest of chocolates: the Éclat Cocoa Lager, which came online just in time to help us all celebrate Victory’s 16 year anniversary in business.