“I have never seen that anywhere else,” marveled Eric Ripert, the superchef Frenchman behind New York’s famed Le Bernardin, who calls Curtin one of the greatest chocolatiers in the world. “It’s so simple and modern, but unbelievable in texture and delicacy of flavors. You hit those kind of high notes very rarely in a career as a chef.”

Craig Laban, Philadelphia Inquirer, May 2020

“Some of the country’s most intricate bonbons caramels infused with calvados, truffles made with rare, Peruvian Nacional cocoa can be found at the masterful Christopher Curtin’s workshop west of Philadelphia, but don’t miss the crowd-pleasing bars, milk or dark, filled with crunchy Pennsylvania Dutch- style pretzels made in nearby Lancaster County.”

David Landsel, Food and Wine Magazine, April 2021

“Best Truffle in America”

Bon Appetit, February 2016

Holiday Cocktail Party Survival Guide 2011

Bon Appetit, December 2011

“Éclat Chocolate’s truffles are filled with oozing caramel and spiked with spicy ginger or Calvados.”

Stuck on Caramels, Food & Wine, November 2006

“I’ve known Curtin for over a decade, and his chocolates always deliver. But this time he really blew me away, with his filled chocolates called Mondiants and his striped Parallel bars.”

Owen Dugan, Wine Spectator, February 2020

Dessert Professional magazine proudly presents the Top 10 Chocolatiers in America for 2012. Our selection of the Top Ten Chocolatiers honors North American-based chocolatiers whose craft is distinctive and has elevated the chocolate industry.

Top Ten Chocolatiers in North America for 2012 by Dessert Professional magazine

“In my opinion, this is the best chocolate you can find in the world.”

Chef Eric Ripert, NBC 10 Show, November 2011

“Not only do these dark orange bon bons from artisanal chocolate company Éclat look very “fall” — they taste like it too! Each one of the glossy domes is filled with a delectable pumpkin pie spiced ganache and makes a super satisfying after-dinner snack.”

All of the Pumpkin Spice Groceries You Can Buy for 2022

“One of the country’s best chocolate companies is based just outside of Philly.”

Alexandra Jones, Philadelphia Magazine, March 2018

“World’s greatest caramels… these are the candies to order.”

Jeffrey Steingarten, Dark Victory, Vogue, February 2007

Christmas/Chanukah-Related Musings

Forbes, December 2011

“Best Chocolates in America”

Bon Appetit, February 2012

“If you must, must, must get chocolate, take a tip from BA and go with the truffles we declared the best in America. (And we tried them all.)”

Christine Muhlke, Bon Appetit, February 2016

“There are plenty of better-known chocolates than Éclat, because Christopher Curtin, 47, a master chocolatier who owns the artisanal company in West Chester, Pa., has not sought publicity or a wide distribution network for his finely made truffles, caramels, mendiants and bars. But a sleek new bar called Good & Evil, made from dark Peruvian Pure Nacional chocolate that grows wild, is likely to put Éclat in the limelight.”

Florence Fabricant, NY Times, November 2012

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