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Not just a chocolatier, Christopher Curtin set out to create a locally made caramel sauce with hints of exotic flavors for a decadent addition to many dishes and desserts. Made on-premises and ready to be enjoyed by everyone who walks through our doors, our velvety smooth caramel sauces are truly a delight. At Éclat Chocolate, we’ve made our “World’s Greatest Caramel” into a sauce for you to enjoy on desserts, fruits, and even by the spoonful. Stop into our factory store today and we’ll help you choose one of our caramel sauces that can complement, enhance, or intensify whatever dish you are creating. 

Caramel Sauces for Everyone

Who doesn’t love the smooth, velvety, buttery soft, and luscious taste of a decadent caramel sauce? At Éclat Chocolate, we offer not only one but four different locally made caramel sauces that take your taste buds on an intense adventure. Experience our unique, flavorful sauces today:


Gingembre caramel sauce was made to enjoy on desserts, fruits, ice cream, or even by the spoonful. This unique flavor combination blends our signature rich and velvety caramel flavor with a fresh gingery infusion to treat the taste buds. Light, smooth, and perfect for any occasion.


Our signature sauce is infused with Calvados liquor to bring you our Calvados caramel sauce. Perfect for a dessert topping or just when you need a decadent indulgence by the spoonful, this sauce is soft, creamy, and apple-flavored. 


Our Poire caramel sauce is delectable. This signature sauce is made with a fresh pear puree for the perfect balance of fruity and sweetness. While we recommend adding this caramel sauce to your favorite fruit dish or dessert, it can also be eaten by the spoonful for a flavorful treat.

Fleur de Sel

This specialty caramel sauce is traditionally made with Belgian-style caramel and Tahitian vanilla beans. We then accent this sauce with Fleur de Sel, a French-style sea salt. A true indulgence, our Fleur de Sel makes the perfect accompaniment to desserts, fruit dishes, ice cream, and more. If you’re looking for a quick, rich, and satisfying treat, Fleur de Sel can also be enjoyed by the spoonful. 

Interested in learning more about Éclat Chocolate?

Christopher Curtin, Master Chocolatier, and creator of Éclat Chocolate began his journey over 20 years ago. Traveling to far off countries like Belgium, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Japan, he visited the finest chocolate houses where he learned the greatest secrets and techniques that make eating chocolate a unique experience. He brings his skills to his shop in West Chester, known as Éclat Chocolate, so everyone can experience his mastery of chocolate worldly experiences. Not only selling locally made caramel sauce, but Éclat Chocolate is also known for its chocolate bars, truffles, mendiants, mondiants, caramels, and more. If you’re ready to encounter the world of Éclat Chocolate, stop by the factory store, shop online, or schedule a virtual tasting today and experience everything Éclat Chocolate has to offer!