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Have you ever tried chocolate truffles? If you have tried them, there is a good chance you love them! Truffles are bite-sized chocolate confections with the basic ingredients of chocolate and cream. 

If you are searching the West Goshen Township area for handcrafted chocolate truffles, look no further than Éclat Chocolate. Our truffles are made from one of the world’s rarest cacao. Éclat Chocolate’s Master Chocolatier, Christopher Curtin, harvests and sources this cacao in the remote canyons of Peru. 

All our chocolate truffles are hand-rolled traditional-style truffles with an intensely floral, fruity, and nutty flavor. Due to the high-quality cacao and craftsmanship, Éclat Chocolate’s truffles are unmatched. We pride ourselves on being Bon Appétit’s favorites as we are known for the “Best Chocolates in America.” 

Purchase Chocolate Truffles in West Goshen Township

Chocolate truffles are a tricky candy to find. The round ganache center is often flavored and coated with a thin, hard shell of milk, dark, or white chocolate. The best truffles are handcrafted from a professional chocolatier workshop. If you are looking to purchase chocolate truffles that are homemade and delicious, contact the experts at Éclat Chocolate. 

Our Master Chocolatier, Christopher Curtin, has been sharing his art and experience through Éclat Chocolate for more than two decades. Christopher started in Madison, Wisconsin, before he embarked on his journey to the House of lex Compagnons du Devoir, the premier guide for Pastry Chefs in France. During his time abroad, Christopher worked alongside some of the best journeyman pastry chefs in Europe. Soon after, he became the first American to be awarded the honor of German Master Pastry Chef and Chocolatier in Cologne, Germany. 

Christopher continued to expand his knowledge from the masters. This granted him skills and experience from the finest chocolate houses in Belgium, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Japan. The experts that taught him shared their greatest secrets and techniques. These discoveries were retained in making Éclat Chocolate a unique experience that our customers will never forget. 

When you purchase chocolate truffles from Éclat Chocolate, you are receiving more than a simple truffle. Our truffles are handmade with years of experience and expertise to ensure love at first bite. Our Peruvian Nacional Truffles come in three different size boxes: nine pieces, sixteen pieces, or twenty-five pieces. These are the perfect treat to give to a friend or family member, bring to a party or event, or just enjoy for yourself. 

Why Purchase Chocolate Truffles from Éclat Chocolate? 

Stop searching the West Goshen Township area for gourmet chocolate truffles, and head to Éclat Chocolate. We are conveniently located in West Chester, Pennsylvania, on High Street, where all our chocolates are made and presented for your selection and purchase. If you cannot make it to our store, do not worry! We are currently accepting online orders and shipping our chocolates nationwide. Also, for your shopping convenience, our products are sold at numerous locations throughout the United States and in larger retail stores. Our truffles are inspired by the world. Éclat Chocolate is here to assist in indulgence.