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If you live in Romansville, make sure you stop into Eclat Chocolate—an award-winning chocolate and confection candy shop. We have dozens of sweets to delight anyone’s taste. From scrumptious chocolates to mouth-watering truffles and even a convenient subscription service, you will find everything your stomach desires here! We have seven different delicious confections to choose from, like Dragee and decadent caramel sauces. Below we highlight the unique flavors that make up each.

The Best Confections by Eclat Chocolate

At Eclat Chocolate, we carry three different flavors of Dragee, including Blueberry, Coffee Latte, and Hazelnut. Experience the exceptional taste of each confection below.

We also create and carry four different kinds of delectable caramel sauces, including Calvados Caramel Sauce, Fleur de Sel Caramel Sauce, Gingembre Caramel Sauce, and Poire Caramel Sauce—each one more unique than the last! We’ve made our “World’s Greatest Caramel” into a sauce for you to enjoy on desserts, ice creams, fruits, and other favorite sweet treats or just to take a spoonful and indulge!

Interested in learning more about Éclat Chocolate?

Are you ready to experience a unique, smooth, and intense adventure when you bite into one of our signature confections? Made with our award-winning ingredients you’ve come to know and love, each candy is made on-premises and ready to be devoured. Our Master Chocolatier and creator of Éclat Chocolate, Christopher Curtin, began his journey nearly twenty years ago. He started his adventure by traveling to the finest chocolate houses in Belgium, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Japan. In these places, he learned the greatest secrets and techniques that make eating chocolate a unique experience that you won’t soon forget. Today, he brings his extraordinary skills to Éclat Chocolate so everyone that walks through his doors can experience his art and unique flavors from all over the globe. Not only selling chocolate bars to residents in Romansville and beyond, but Éclat Chocolate is also known for its caramels, truffles, mendiants, mondiants, caramel sauce, confections, and so much more. If you’re ready to take your tastebuds on a trip around the world, stop by our West Chester store, shop online, or schedule a tasting today and experience everything Éclat Chocolate has to offer!