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What could be better than treating yourself to a delicious confection by Eclat Chocolate? How about indulging in your favorites whenever you feel like it with a chocolate subscription box! Our subscription boxes are stuffed with the finest assortment of confections to keep your sweet tooth satisfied. If you live or work in the Marshalton area, we invite you to continue reading about our monthly chocolate box subscription and how it can make your day better!  

A monthly chocolate subscription to Éclat Chocolate makes a wonderful gift to yourself or to someone you care for. If you’ve decided you’re ready to begin receiving our confections, set up your subscription and sit back and relax – your chocolate subscription will arrive every month for up to 6 months! In each subscription box, you’ll receive a personalized selection of our most popular chocolates  – as well as a few chocolate surprises made only for our monthly chocolate subscribers. We believe that this is a wonderful way to share some Éclat classics while experiencing some of our newest creations! Each month we will curate three to five premium handcrafted chocolates to include in your boxes like boxed truffles, bars, or a seasonal specialty. 

We have three different tiers of monthly chocolate box subscriptions and here’s a sampling of what could be included: 

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At Éclat Chocolate, we craft truly impressive chocolates and confections that will delight anyone who tries them. Our sweets make the perfect gift for anyone and any occasion. With various flavors and textures that work well together, our chocolate bars, candies, and caramel sauces are a decadence experience. At Éclat Chocolate, we aim to make your chocolate bar decision the best you’ll ever make with our fine selection of rich, bold, and sophisticated choices. If you’re in the Marshalton area, take some time to stop by our West Chester store. Here, you can enjoy our caramels, truffles, mendiants, mondiants, caramel sauce, confections, and so much more. If you’re ready to take your tastebuds on a delicious trip, stop by, shop online, or schedule a tasting today and experience everything Éclat Chocolate has to offer!