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Whether it be a special occasion or you wish to restock your sweets supply at home, why choose something ordinary or average? With all the delicious chocolates and candies that are readily available, exploring all of the various avenues of savory treats should be on every sweet connoisseur’s to-do list. Here at Éclat Chocolate, we provide our devoted candy customers located in Berwyn, PA with a wide variety of delectable treats and chocolates, allowing them to find their new favorite goodies with ease. For those who are searching for something scrumptious, be sure to try our decadent pâte de fruits— an Éclat Chocolate favorite.  


What Are Pâte de Fruits?

For those who ask what are pâte de fruits, we smile and respond with “they are pure deliciousness”. Though small in stature, these petite little candies are packed with bursts of fruity flavors and sugary textures that every candy fan is guaranteed to fall in love with. While many may not be too familiar with this French delicacy, the sugary candy exterior is enough to convince you that it’s worth a try. If you are an advocate for chewy, gummy candy and find yourself opting for sour candies over savory, pâte de fruits are most certainly a candy you will thoroughly enjoy. Our store is happy to provide these delicious domed fruit jewels to customers located in Berwyn, PA, bringing the traditional French favorite to all who crave fruity, chewy candy. Made only seasonally with the finest fruits and berries, these classic delicacies can only bring a smile to your face. Our store currently features a wide assortment of flavors, including: 



Take a trip down flavor lane with our stellar pâte de fruits. There’s no need to continue your search for pâte de fruits near me— Éclat Chocolate is proud to carry all of the candy and sweets to brighten your day. Each of our handcrafted artisan chocolates and confections is made from the finest ingredients, promising high-quality taste with every product you purchase. Whether you wish to surprise your special someone with a savory treat, are in need of the perfect gift for your chocolate-loving friend, or even if you wish to satisfy your sweet tooth with something delicious, Éclat Chocolate has just the assortment you desire. Our chefs create each candy and sweet with utmost professionalism and skill, bringing their high-end craftsmanship to the table each and every time. Your satisfaction is always our top priority and being the go-to chocolate and candy shop for customers in the Berwyn, PA area is our honor. 


In Need of Delicious Fruit Assortments Near Berwyn, PA? 

You can always count on our team at Éclat Chocolate to provide you with superior chocolate and candy selections fit for any occasion. From divine chocolates to scrumptious sweets, be sure to stop by our shop when you are in need of a sweet treat. If you need help finding the right selections for your special occasion or have any questions pertaining to our products, we encourage you to contact us or call our store directly at 610-692-5206. Our team is happy to assist you with any questions or inquiries you may have.