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At Éclat Chocolate, we make quality chocolates for you and your loved ones. If you are looking for a delicious selection of chocolate caramel candies, look no further than Éclat Chocolate! Whether you are looking for a gift, something to keep in the house, or a treat for a special occasion, Éclat Chocolate offers the best selection in the Exton area. 

Éclat Chocolate: The Best Organic Chocolate Bar 

At Éclat Chocolate, we offer two different premium chocolate bar flavors so that you can enjoy and indulge in them. Our bars are made with simplicity, care, and attention so that you can feel the rich, creamy flavor in every single bite. 

  • Our Organic Dark Chocolate bar is made of 72% cacao and satisfies the rich craving that many people look for in dark chocolate. Our dark chocolate bars are one of our best-selling organic chocolate bars. These bars are great for gifting, snacking on, or just keeping around the house for when you want a bite or two. No matter what the reason is, our Organic Dark Chocolate bars will never fail to satisfy your cravings.
  • Our Organic Milk Chocolate Bar is our second bar flavor and another fan-favorite product. If you are looking for a less rich, smoky, and dark flavor, then this bar is for you. Containing 47% cacao, this bar offers a less intense, more sweet taste. If you enjoy a lighter, sweeter, and less strong chocolate, then our Organic Milk Chocolate Bar is the best organic chocolate bar option there is! 

Éclat Chocolate doesn’t only offer bars but a wide variety of products for customers to choose from. Some of our additional product offerings include: 

  • Caramels
    • Caramel chocolate flavors, containing Dark, Milk, Ginger, Pear, and Calvados caramel flavors for your enjoyment
  • Confections
    • We offer a diverse selection of confections, including our delicious creamy homemade caramel, as well as candied fruits. 
  • Corporate Gifts
    • Our delicious flavors are paired with a beautifully compiled set of products.

Where Can I Find The Best Local Organic Chocolate Bar Offerings Near Me?

If you are looking for the best premium chocolates in the Downingtown area, look no further than Éclat Chocolate! We create the highest quality chocolate bars, chocolate caramel candies, and more for your enjoyment. Our simple, delicious cocoa ingredients make our chocolate a fan favorite for many in the Downingtown area. We even received the 2010 Sofi Silver award for our outstanding efforts in chocolate making. If you are looking to support an organic, delicious, and quality brand of chocolate, Éclat Chocolate is the product for you! For more information on our product selection or to order a treat, visit our website or call us at 610-692-5206.