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At Éclat Chocolate, we make quality chocolates for you and your loved ones. If you are looking for a delicious selection of chocolate caramel candies, look no further than Éclat Chocolate! Whether you are looking for a gift, something to keep in the house, or a treat for a special occasion, Éclat Chocolate offers the best selection in the Exton area. 

Why Is Éclat the Best Chocolate Caramel Candy Brand?

At Éclat Chocolate, we provide the highest quality chocolate candies with delicious flavors for your choosing. Specifically, our famous chocolate caramel candies are one of our best sellers. We offer caramel candies in three different sizes and offerings, including: 

  • 16 piece box
    • Our 16 piece box is a great option for those looking for a delicious housewarming gift, special treat, or just a delicacy to keep in the house. Our homemade caramel-infused chocolate offers a flavor like no other, allowing you to indulge in a creamy, buttery, rich chocolate caramel candy. Our 16 piece boxes come with five different types of chocolate caramel candies, including:
      • Milk Caramel
      • Dark Caramel
      • Ginger Caramel
      • Pear Caramel
      • Calvados Caramel
    • Our 9 piece box is a smaller option for those looking for a smaller-sized selection. Even though this box only contains nine chocolates, you can count on our wide variety of signature flavors to be included. 9 piece boxes have the same flavors as the 16 piece box.
    • Our third and most extensive selection of chocolates comes in a 25 piece box. The 25 piece box is a delicious treat to enjoy with your family or as a gift and contains all the same signature flavors that the 16 piece and 9 piece boxes contain. 


Éclat Chocolate’s wide variety of delicious, creamy caramel chocolate candies makes it the best caramel chocolate candy to purchase in the Exton area. Éclat Chocolate caramel candies are loved by many and received the 2010 Sofi Silver award for excellence in chocolate caramel candies. We also offer products beyond just caramel chocolate boxes for customers to enjoy. Some of our other products include: 

  • Bar
    • Chocolate, dark chocolate, spice, harvest, and more for your choosing.
  • Confections
    • Caramels, candied fruits, and more.
  • Corporate gifts
    • Beautifully compiled gift sets will leave any client satisfied.

Where Can I Find the Best Chocolate Store Near Me?

If you live in the Exton area and are looking for a delicious chocolate store near me, then look no further than Éclat Chocolate. At Éclat Chocolate, we put care and quality into our products so that you can taste the difference. Customers love to indulge in our homemade caramel chocolates for the most creamy, buttery, delicious flavor. Éclat Chocolate also offers a wide variety of other products. Whether you are looking for chocolate bars, candied fruits, caramels, or more, Éclat Chocolate is here to serve any of your chocolate needs. For more information on our products or to place an order, visit our website or call us at 610-692-5206.