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Increasing company morale and employee retainment is more vital now than ever. At Éclat Chocolate, we strive to provide high-quality chocolate and treats to share with the entire team. Show your employees how much you appreciate them with some of the world’s best chocolate, accessible right in your backyard in Delaware! Consider some of these corporate gift ideas to increase morale and show appreciation for all of the hard work your employees have done during these difficult times. 

Everyone Loves Chocolate!

It’s no secret that chocolate is a favorite treat all around the world. You can’t go wrong with a chocolate box as a thoughtful and successful corporate gift. We offer various gift sets to meet the tastes and desires of your entire team! Increase comradery and company bonding by sharing some of our corporate collections with the company. 

Pièce De Résistance: This gift set is one everyone will appreciate. It includes top destination bars like the PHL Dutch Pretzel Milk and Dark Bars, the REU Caramelized Hazelnuts Bars, and Aleppo Pink Peppercorn Bars. The gift set also includes fan favorites like our Organic Milk and Dark Chocolate Bars, our Zuta & Orange Bars, and a 9-piece box of our Peruvian Nacional Truffles! Leave no man behind with this inclusive and diverse selection of some of our best products! 

Kaleidoscope Collection: This set is perfect for a corporate gift and includes some of the best chocolates in Delaware, not to mention the world! Containing some classics, like our 16-piece box of caramels and our 25-piece Signature Assortment, this collection has something for everyone. For those looking to be a bit more adventurous, the collection offers a specialty bar of either our First Harvest or International Crane Foundation Bar. To add a little extra something, this gift set comes with various sauces to bring your chocolate to a whole new level. Dip into our Poire Sauce, Calvados Sauce, and Fleur de Sel Sauce to give you a small taste of heaven. 

Botanical Collection: If you’re looking for something a little different, the Botanical Collection is perfect for you. Featuring our classic Organic Milk & Dark Chocolate bars, those that love the classics will not be disappointed. Others who wish to explore a new world of flavors and ingredients will be delighted to try our Allspice and Sesame Seed Bars, Porcini and Thyme Bars, and our Green Tea and Roasted Rice Bars, among others! 

Order from Éclat Chocolate

Look no further for great corporate gift ideas! We offer volume discounts when you order in bulk! Orders of $500-$1,500 receive 5% off, orders from $1,501-$3,000 will receive 10% off, and orders of $3,001 and above will receive 15%! You can customize your gifts to make them more personal and unique for you and the team. With customizable vellums, ribbons, and messages, your employees will feel appreciated and seen. Get started ordering your chocolate gift set to get the best chocolate in Delaware today!