first of its kind, a perfect balance of delicate filling enrobed in Éclat Chocolate’s sustainably sourced chocolate.

The Mondiant™

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The Modernist Cubes Collection

Bauhaus design meets an American Classic.


Delectable caramel, blueberry, hazelnut, or espresso beans covered in Éclat Chocolate’s 60% dark chocolate blend.

Signature Assortment 9-Piece

An exquisite gift, the Éclat Chocolate 9-piece box is made to share.

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Porcini & Thyme Bar

Peanut Butter Mondiants

Dark Chocolate Organic Bar

Why Éclat Chocolate

Award-winning Éclat Chocolate is lauded for its innovative design and dedication to sourcing sustainable and responsibly grown ingredients, both from the farthest corners of the cocoa-growing world and from small local farms and dairies. Every piece of Éclat Chocolate, from the unexpected complementary flavors of the Parallel bars to the impossibly ultrathin Mondiant ™ medallions, is crafted to instill a truly unique experience. Chef Christopher Curtin and his team of highly skilled chocolatiers continue their craft with a blend of the most innovative and traditional techniques while upholding only the strictest quality standards.

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