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Mondiant Assortment

The modern approach to the classic mendiant. First of its kind, the innovative Mondiant is a perfect balance of a delicate filling enrobed in Éclat’s sustainably sourced chocolate. Inspired by form and function to deliver the ultimate chocolate experience.

Cacao Nibs Mondiants:
60% Cacao Mass Peruvian cacao nibs with light floral and herbal profiles enrobed in Éclat Chocolate’s 60% blend.

Peanut Butter Mondiant:
39% Milk Chocolate, ode to a classic, minimalist design of perfectly balanced chocolate and Peanut Butter.

Wine Mondiant:
Vivacious and full of class, made with Shiraz wine ganache covered in Éclat Chocolate’s signature blend. Brimming with vivid maraschino cherry and plum jam flavors that progress into layers of chocolate.


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