Growing Inspiration with Longwood Gardens

For our newest product, we sought inspiration from the garden—but not just any garden. This summer, Éclat collaborated with Longwood Gardens, one of the world’s premier spaces for indoor and outdoor horticultural displays, and we are proud to have recently released our collaborative Dark Chocolate Bar with Moroccan Mint.

“We’ve been working with Longwood for the last eight years, in many different facets, but we’d been itching to do a product that was local-driven,” says Éclat chef-owner Christopher Curtin. “We have done collaborations in  New York City, Peru, Philadelphia and other various locations, but for this bar we wanted to do something über local to us. Because we share so many similar interests, Longwood and Éclat had great synergy.”

Eclat Longwood Gardens mint bars

The packaging for the bar was inspired by a hand-colored engraving from English Botany, a book dating back to 1798 from Longwood’s Rare Book Collection. And of course, what’s contained inside this gorgeous packaging is equally special. Moroccan mint (Mentha spicata) grown at Longwood’s very own greenhouses adds a cool, herbal kick to a 54% cacao in-house blended chocolate bar.

Eclat Mint at Longwood“It’s really exciting to do something with people of that caliber, who are also obsessed with their work. It’s something we can relate to,” notes Chris. “Usually we do most of our package designing in-house, but with this collaboration Longwood designed the package using their amazing archive of botanical drawings. To get started, we worked with Longwood’s Floriculture Leader to decide which herbs would work best, based on what can be grown in the greenhouses. The growers keep us dialed into when the herbs will be ready; that way we can be prepared to quickly make small batches at the peak of the plants’ freshness. We can also work with Longwood’s planting schedule to make sure plants are ready when we need them.”

Because of the availability of year-round ingredients, a changing lineup of fresh chocolates will be added to the ongoing Éclat–Longwood collaboration to showcase different herbs as they become available. “With Longwood Gardens’ fresh ingredients,” Chris promises, “we can create some amazing chocolates year-round.”

The Dark Chocolate Bar with Moroccan Mint, which showcases our commitment to the “whole picture”—from the top-caliber ingredients we use in our hand-crafted chocolates to the way those ingredients are presented and packaged—is currently being sold both in our shop in downtown West Chester and in the Longwood Gardens gift shop, located on the grounds of the Gardens at 1001 Longwood Road in Kennett Square.

Chris at Longwood

In the past we’ve teamed up with local businesses such as Victory Brewing Company, artist Jeff Schaller, and The Farm at Doe Run. We’re proud to add Longwood Gardens to this list of like-minded locals who challenge us and share our commitment to quality and to the community.

Christopher Curtin is proud to share his art and experience with you through Éclat Chocolate, but his journey to become a Master Chocolatier began more than two decades ago as he honed his skills in the finest chocolate houses of Belgium, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Japan. Visit us in person at the Éclat Chocolate shop at 24 South High Street in West Chester, Pennsylvania, or shop our chocolates and confections online. All of our world-class, design-driven, chef-inspired gourmet chocolates are made on the premises and are presented for your selection and purchase.

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