Is the finest chocolate naturally good or pure evil? Discern for yourself and tempt a taste.

The adventure began with the rarest and finest cacao beans grown and processed using some of the world’s oldest chocolate machinery. In 2013, Master Chocolatier Christopher Curtin released the original Good & Evil Bar with inherent flavors of the Peruvian Pure Nacional Beans, and Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert added that extra layer of Good & Evil.

Today, you can experience the signature flavors of the new Good & Evil Bar, a unique dark chocolate bar inspired by the continuing friendship of chef Eric Ripert and culinary guru Anthony Bourdain. Crafted in the traditional European style by Christopher Curtin and Éclat Chocolate using Fair Trade organic cacao beans, the chocolate is distinguished by its velvety smoothness and intensely complex flavor. Combining the pleasures of “good” food with the heavenly “evil” of pure indulgence, this premium 72% cacao chocolate bar pairs beautifully with red wine, coffee or espresso.

The new Good & Evil Bar can be purchased at our flagship Eclat Chocolate store located in West Chester, PA or at any Williams-Sonoma, either in-store and online.

Don’t delay as this bar is only available for a limited time and will sell out!

Our Good & Evil Bar is Gluten Free and Vegan.

Good & Evil Bar 2016
Good & Evil Bar 2013
Christopher Curtin in Peru