Eclat Chocolate: 20th Anniversary to Celebrate

In honor of the 20th Anniversary of Eclat Chocolate’s Christopher Curtin completing his Master Chocolatier and Pastry Chef Exam in Cologne, Germany, we are taking the opportunity to highlight some of our favorite Eclat Chocolate moments and photographs.

Growing up in Madison, Wisconsin, the mecca of bike racing in the 80’s, Christopher was lucky enough to ride with some of the premier racers of the time. This image represents his youth in his hometown of Madison in contrast to his life today, with Eclat Chocolate’s thin disk Mendiants, making it an homage to Christopher’s past and present.

Eclat Chocolate Mendiant


Christopher’s sense of curiosity and love for travel has always benefited him in his career as he continually searches for the world’s finest and rarest cacao beans. The photo below was taken on one of his trips during the rainy season in the Peru while looking for new varieties of beans. Through the years, besides South America, some of his travels have lead him to trekking in Pakistan, enjoying street food in Thailand, and working and living in Europe.

Christopher Curtin Eclat Chocolate Rain


One of his favorite truffles, the Peruvian Pure Nacional, is handcrafted from some of the rarest harvested cacao beans in the world. Eclat Chocolate has exclusive access to the top 5% of these hand-selected beans which are used in the making of these creations. Christopher’s journey to work with these beans began in 2012, and are now a staple of the Eclat Chocolate experience.

Eclat Chocolate Peruvian Nacional Truffle


Below are the newest creations and additions to the Eclat Chocolate product family, the Parallel Bars. Featured in the New York Times and Bon Appetit, these bars are uniquely inspired by symbiotic relationships in nature. They feature flavor combinations from Christopher’s life that have proven influential, complimenting not only each other but the chocolate as well.

Eclat Chocolate Parallel Bars


Finally, an Eclat Chocolate and Christopher Curtin classic. From the award-winning caramels deemed “World’s Greatest Caramels” by Vogue Magazine to the caramel sauces that are perfect for daily indulgences, Eclat Chocolate’s caramel continues to make an impression on its customers and on Christopher’s continued legacy.

Eclat Chocolate Caramel

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